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the Dramatic Interpreter project

art project by Christos Prossylis

Performing Morpheus

Tuesday 23 January 2007

downstairs at The Foundry
(Old St & Great, Eastern St, Shoreditch, London EC1)

This month's guest artist:
Christos Prossylis
Performing Morpheus - live video art performance

Christos interact with live improvised music by:
Peter Cusack (guitar)
Evrah (voice)
David Fowler (drums, percussion)
Steve Moyes (electric guitar, cello, xaphoon)

live painting by Maryam Hashemi

Morpheus is the principal Greek god of dreams. Morpheus has the
ability to take any human's form and appear in dreams. This video art
performance is part of Christos's ongoing project 'The Dramatic Interpreter'.

Christos has created live video work, using the audience and other
participants as models, recording details of their body and movements in
the space, transferring these in situ into the video art performance.
Other artists are invited to participate by creating their own work in
response to the theme, music and environment, which will also be
integrated into the video work

STEVE MOYES: stephenmoyes @
EVRAH: evrah @



1995-2010: Christos Prossylis