Performing Prometheus: the Dramatic Interpreter

by Christos Prossylis








  About the Project

“Performing Prometheus” is a project combining performance, video and digital art. It will seek to identify and challenge, through artistic interpretation and creation, established systems of _expression and transfer of knowledge. It will thus aim to facilitate the research into, and the eventual definition of, alternative systems. These latter, ‘artistic’ systems will attempt to transcend the established ones and will, therefore, become ‘meta-semiotic’- a term used here not as the _expression of a theoretical position within the field of semiotics, but instead in its figurative sense, to include new, previously unexplored possibilities.

Project outline

“Performing Prometheus” is envisaged as a series of similar performance/digital art events, which will take place over a period of time, at different venues and with different participants who will tackle different subjects from various academic disciplines. The event proposed here is the first of the series, and will form the basis for the following ones.

The event will unfold as follows: 

1.   Two 30-minute-long lectures will be delivered before an audience by an academic lecturer (in this project, Professor Ernesto Spinelli, Senior Fellow in Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regent’s College). There will simultaneously be a video art installation in the venue. Wireless pictures from micro-cameras placed on the lecturer’s body (i.e. his fingers, head etc.) will be transferred to video projectors in real time. The images produced will be projected back onto the lecturer's body (creating a ‘living’ video sculpture) and around him on the stage. Digital sound will be creating ambience using some frequencies from the lecturer’s voice. There will also be a parallel action from approximately fifteen performers on stage. They will improvise on the production of low key movements and sounds, in response to the content of the lecture. The artist will host three induction workshops for performers (mainly volunteers). The workshops will take place a few days before the event.

2.   A ten-minute introduction and two 15-minute-long performances of ancient Greek drama related to the lecture will take place at the lecture’s intervals. These will include fragments from different plays, both tragedy and comedy. This part of the project will be an improvised artistic approach of the content of the lecture resulting from the abovementioned workshops.

The event will be webcast live. After the performance video, photographs and texts will be published on the above website as documentation and as an integral part of the ongoing project. Feedback will be invited.

























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